Rios Australes - Seasson 2017/2018

A few words about us

Our philosophy

We are a small family rafting company. Our passion for the rivers finds us in Patagonia, for more than 15 years we have developed various activities on the rivers in this region. Our philosophy is to make this activity a life school and an opportunity to make new friends. Creating and developing new ways of learning (adventure based learning) through the unique connection that rivers give us, with all its energy, amazing nature and diversity around them.

and beyond

Rafting is only an small part of we do, our experience has taken us further. We build many of the equipment we use, yes you read it well !, we are builders of rafts, duckies and accessories. When you get on our rafts you will be on a boat designed and built for the rivers in this region, more agile and safe. We offer courses at various levels of kayaking, safety and rescue in white waters rivers. Our guides are APN-enabled, WFR certified and have years of experience.

+ adrenaline

in your experience