We are Rios Australes, and we give you an exciting experience. Offering the most economical and intensive option. You'll become part of nature to make this activity an opportunity to have fun and learn. Just get to our base by your own means, either in your vehicle or bus to the rafting zone (see map) where the staff will be waiting to start the activity, which lasts half a day, leaving you free time to perform other excursions.

Our activities

Rios Australes rafting is more than just a simple tour, it is an opportunity to learn a new sport and the notions of basic safety techniques in white waters rivers. An experience as unique as enriching supervised by our team of certified and experienced guides.


Duckie is an inflatable kayak that allows navigation of white water rivers in a safe and fun way.

Rafting to 'Manso Inferior'

Suitable for all ages, an economic and fun alternative for the whole family on the 'Manso Inferior' river (class 2 and 3 rapids).


Courses for all levels of kayaking, duckie, rafting and rescue in white waters rivers.

Rafting to 'La Frontera'

Navigate among intense rapids and beautiful canyons on the section of the River Manso a 'la Frontera' (class 3 and 4 rapids).

Explore and learn

Arrive on your own

Once you make the reservation, arrive at our facility in your vehicle or bus (Vía Bariloche daily service to El Bolsón, ask to step down in Villegas). The property is located at 800 mts (half mile taking route 83 by land) from Gendarmería Villegas chekpoint located on Route 40.

Explore and learn

Navigate the rapids following the instructions of a professional guide with extensive experience in white waters rivers. On board an inflatable raft navigate different rapids class "Two" and "Three", discovering the incredible landscapes on the Manso Inferior river.


We include other activities in the river, where with no rush you can take photos with your family or friends.


Our guides besides keeping you safe also will teach you other activities on the river in a fun way.


All the information you need is on the website, which you can access from your laptop or mobile device.

How to get

You can do it in your vehicle or bus (Vía Bariloche daily service to Bolsón) descending at Villegas, see map.


for the whole family

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